Whittlesea is an alternative rock band from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Originally formed in 1998 and performing under the name Organic, the band changed its name to reflect the bulk of the songwriting material which was provided by Australian author and singer-songwriter Paul Whittlesea..

Although the band has been through many line-up changes over the years, the core has always comprised Paul on vocals and guitar, with Dennis van Houten on drums, and Eric van Bellen on guitars and bass.

In 2016, the line-up solidified with¬†Teio Meedendorp joining on guitars and Esther de Jong on keyboards and backing vocals. The culmination of this latest step in the band’s musical journey has resulted in the album Stargazing.

Whittlesea has produced over fifty songs comprising lyrical content, ranging from the absurd to the introspective, tied up in a mixed bag of alternative pop, rock, postpunk, indie and folk.

To date, the band have recorded three albums and two EP’s. More information about recordings can be found on the Music page.

Whittlesea is currently working on material for a new album.

Paul - Vocals and Guitar
Teio - Guitar
Eric - Bass
Dennis - Drums
Esther - Keyboards and Vocals